Western Pennsylvania Slot Car Club

Mission Statement
The mission of the Western Pennsylvania Slot Car Club is to promote the enjoyment of the slot car hobby among its members, and provide a structure for fun, relaxation, and enjoyment of the hobby.

General Club Rules

  1. Guests and prospective new members must be sponsored by a current member for a minimum of 2 events.  At the conclusion of the 2nd event, the members will hold an anonymous vote procedure for acceptance or rejection of that person’s membership.  Votes will be counted by a team of 3 members.  A two-thirds vote is required for new membership, with a unanimous voted required among the home based race hosts.

Race and Track Fees

  1. Race entrance fee: $5 for members.   There will be no track fee for first-time guests/prospective new members.  This fee covers the entire race event, and is not for individual classes.  A percentage goes to the track owner/host and the remainder to the club treasury.  Lunch or dinner is not included in the race entrance fee and the members are asked to pitch in extra for food.
  2. Club night/test and tune: $5 for members.  The entire amount goes to the club treasury.

Club Policies

  1. Disrespect for the property of others, theft, inappropriate language, aggressive attitudes, or any behavior deemed to be unsportsmanlike will not be tolerated.
  2. Eating, drinking, cell phone usage or any distracting behavior is not permitted near the tracks during race conditions.
  3. Smoking is frowned upon at club events.

General Race Event Policies

  1. All relevant race related items can be found in the club Sporting Regulations.
  2. Each club race event will feature three race classes and include an entry-level class.
  3. A team of tech inspectors will be assigned at each club race event.
  4. Cheating: 1st occurrence – one warning.  2nd occurrence – two month suspension.   3rd occurrence – banishment from the club.
  5. If you are signed in as a driver, you must serve as a race marshal.