Southern Sportsman Series Rules 2010-2011

Summary: Aurora, MM, JL, AW T-Jet with hop-up gears, minimum 14.0 ohms, any axle, wheel, tire.

The Late-model Sportsman allows vintage Aurora T-Jets and re-issues by MM, JL, AW to compete side-by-side. Late-model NASCAR Cup bodies and paint schemes are represented for the modern NASCAR fan.

Chassis Specifications

1. Base Chassis – Aurora T-Jet copper chassis, ThunderPlus from Model Motoring Inc., and Johnny Lightning / AutoWorld ThunderJet 500 is legal.

1.1.  Modifications – Chassis base must remain stock without modifications with the exception noted below. No venting or lightening. Chassis gear plate must remain stock without modifications with the exception of the rails running from front to back along each side may be trimmed to facilitate lowering of the body. Bearing holes must remain stock on the base and plate. No metal bearings allowed. No weight may be added to the chassis.

1.2.  Minor cleaning of flash / chassis imperfections around pick-up shoe hanger is permitted on the JL and AutoWorld chassis only to allow for smooth movement of the pick-ups. Removal of material is limited to 1mm.

2. Armature

2.1. Arm and base chassis must match original manufacturer for Aurora, MM, JL, AW and must remain stock. Aurora base chassis may use any Aurora armature with 2 lams.

2.2. Minimum 14 ohms

2.3. Modifications

2.3.1. Balancing – none allowed

2.3.2. Truing – none allowed

2.3.3. Re-winds/de-winds – none allowed

3. Electrical System

3.1. Base plates – stock, no modifications, no soldering, no shunting.

3.2. Brushes – copper/carbon composite only and must be O.E.M., Thunder brushes or Wizzard brands.

3.3. Shoes.- O.E.M. stock pick up shoes and similar T-Jet replacements such as BSRT or Wizzard brand. Regular or long step permitted.

4. Magnets

4.1. Type – Any ceramic magnets are legal including Aurora T-Jet, Model Motoring Inc., Johnny Lightning ThunderJet. Any AFX magnets including Super II’s are allowed.

4.2. Modifications – none allowed.

4.3. Shims – non-ferrous material allowed

5. Gears

5.1. Top Plate Gears (driven, idler, and armature) must be O.E.M for Model    Motoring, Aurora, and JL. The drive pinion may be any readily available stock 9,12 or 14 tooth brass gear.

5.2. Modifications – None allowed. No beveled or lightened gears. Gears may be polished. Solder or glue may be used to attach gears to shafts. Excessive solder that adds significant weight will not be allowed.

5.3. Arm pinion – stock 14 tooth

5.4. Idler – stock 24 tooth.

5.5. Driven – stock 24 tooth.

5.6. Drive pinion – 9, 12 or 14 tooth.

5.7. Crown – Any stock plastic 15 tooth.

5.8. Crown gear hub may be shaved or spacers added to maintain proper mesh.

5.9. Any cluster gear shaft may be used.

6. Axles – Any.

7. Wheels – Any.

8. Tires – Any

Body Specifications

1. Bodies must be a hard-shell injection mold or resin cast NASCAR NEXTEL Cup style. Only bodies from 1990 to present are legal.

2. The following bodies are a sample of what is legal:

2.1. Tyco/Mattel Lumina, Monte Carlo, Grand Prix, Taurus and T-Bird.

2.2. Life-Like Monte-Carlo, Grand Prix, Taurus, Fusion, Charger and Intrepid.

2.3. BRP and other resin cast bodies are legal as long as they are the wide version.

2.4. Narrow Life-Like bodies with flares are not legal.

3. Bodies must be attached to the chassis by 2 screws and body posts.

4. Bodies must be mounted squared/evenly.

5. Bodies may be lowered but must retain their stock appearance.

6. Bodies may be lightened.

7. Fenders and Rocker Panels may be trimmed for wheel clearance but when viewed from above no part of the tire may be seen.

8. When viewed from the side both front and rear tires must be fully visible.

9. Bodies should be presented in a professional appearance.

10. Bodies do not have to be a true-to-life model.

11. Full glass must be intact

Controller Specifications

Allowable controllers include Parma Econo, Parma Turbo and BRP with or without adjustable “Resister” and Professor Motor models without adjustable brake and adjustable sensitivity. In addition, any “toy” set controller from Aurora, Tomy, Tyco, Lifelike, and Atlas may be used. No auxiliary batteries, capacitors or supplemental power supply is allowed.