John's Summer Slot Car Get-together
July 12, 2014








The Western Pennsylvania Slot Car Club welcomes Bob Beers on his HO Slot Car US Tour 2014
May 21, 2014

John, Bob and T-jets

John & Bob

Tour Poster


The Gang

group 2

Traveling Show

traveling show 1

traveling show 2

traveling show 3

Stock T-jet Race Field

stock T-jet field 2

Bob Beers – HO Racer

race 2

race 4

Cool F1 HO car hand-built for Bob by Greg Kondrek of Northern California.  A real screamer at 7 volts!

greg kondrek f1 1

greg kondrek f1 2

greg kondrek f1 3

greg kondrek f1 4



Tom Lauderbach and his son Jeff joined us for the club race on May 2, 2014. In the photo below Tom is the second from the left.  This is the well known photo from the "Brass Wars" era taken outside AB Cahrles Hobby Shop showing the top finishers in the Pittsburgh HOPRA Open, August 14, 1971.


Below is the race report from that day in 1971.

August 14, 1971 Race Report and photos Pittsburgh HOPRA open



Dual at the Creek
April 5, 2014

Our host Dave Jordan

The Host

Aurora Tub Track with original lock and joiner sectional track

Tub 1

Tub 2