JL & AW T-jet



The following document outlines the JL T-jet rules for club racing in the Western Pennsylvania Slot Car Club.

This class is essentially a stock JL/AW T-jet with several permitted aftermarket parts and modifications in an effort to improve the cars for fun racing. The ‘Tuff Ones’ width and rear slip-ons tend to make it a fun class to run, and a nice alternative for low budget racing. In this spirit the rules have been kept quite simple.


1. Injection molded plastic bodies only: JL/AW, Dash, MM, Aurora.

2. Many body class options are possible with this chassis
         Road racing: Trans Am, Sports Cars, Muscle Cars
Oval racing: Fairground Stock Cars, Super Modifieds, Hot Rods, Modified Coupes, Late Models

3. Bodies must be complete with windows, bumpers, drivers or roll bars as originally manufactured.

4. Body must be fastened to chassis using two screws. The body screws must be of the pan-head type. Flat-head screws are not permitted. Flattening of screw heads is not permitted. Countersinking of the screw in the guide pin or chassis is not permitted.

5. Fender wells may be trimmed inside the fender only enough to accommodate oversize tires. Excessive hogging out of the wheel wells not permitted.

6. Bodies may be lowered but not lightened. No hogging out.


1. Any JL/Auto World T-jet chassis.

2. Chassis must remain stock and unaltered except for the following:
           Slip-on silicone rear tires
Any pick-up shoes
Optional front weight: lead sheet or wheel weights such as those offered by JW's HO Speed 
Parts: Part #F16 (photo below).

3. Traction magnets are not permitted.

4. The front wheel set must be the stock narrower-style, and the tires must be stock skinny tires or the slightly wider stock front tires found on the later AW chassis.    

3. Chassis cannot be cut, sanded or drilled in any way except for trimming the rails on the gear plate for body clearance.

4. Pick up shoes may be bent to allow better surface contact with the rails but must remain stepped.

5. Pick up shoe travel may be restricted.

6. Rear and front hubs with tires must pass freely through a 1 3/16” tech block.

7. All four wheels must touch the track.