Sporting Regulations – HO Racing

The Western Pennsylvania Slot Car Club is committed to an environment of friendly competition and good sportsmanship.  It is expected that all club members and guest racers pledge to follow and uphold these sporting standards.


Technical Inspection

Each WPSCC race event shall have 2-3 racers handling tech inspection.  It shall not be left to one individual.  The goal is to do our best ensure a level of fairness for all participants.  Please keep in mind that WPSCC is intended to be a fun regional slot car club.


Pre-race Technical Inspection and Concours

Preliminary general technical inspection of each car to include:

a)  General visual inspection of the car

b)  Body and chassis width checked with the appropriate tech block or caliper

c)  Weighing of the car (super stock T-jet only)

d)  Confirmation of correct body class and detailing if indicated


Post-race Technical Inspection

The three top finishing racers or team and at least one randomly chosen car will be subject to a full tear down and inspection of the entire car.

For team racing, all cars in the winning team must fully pass tech.  If one of the cars does not pass, the entire team will be disqualified.


Racing Format

1. The host circuit will provide a minimum of one hour practice time prior to racing.  Drivers will be given ample time to run practice laps prior to racing. It may become necessary to use a timed round robin practice format should there be a large number of drivers.

2. The standard racing format will consist of timed heats with laps and sections.  Each driver will race all lanes in a rotating order.  Format variations may be introduced.

3. The specific race format including heat times, qualifying sessions, semi-final rounds and final rounds will be specified by the host venue and may be determined by the number of racers attending.

4. All drivers will be expected to take their turn marshalling the track while not racing.

5. Drivers are not permitted to marshal any cars during the races. Any violations will result in lap penalties.

6. Between heats drivers will be allowed one and one half minutes to change lanes, clean their tires and pick up shoes, and make any other adjustments necessary without disassembling their car.

7.  Some race formats will specify no track calls and/or pit stops for tire cleaning, oiling, pick-up shoe maintenance, etc. under the green flag only.  In this case, the cars will impounded after pre-race tech inspection and the racer will be allowed to work on his/her car during green flag racing only.  Should a racer interfere with another car during a pit stop he or she will incur a one lap penalty.

8. A call of "Track!" will stop the timer and power to the track.

9. "Track!" may be called only by turn marshals or the race director in the case of multi-car accidents, de-slotting out of the reach of a turn marshal, cars accidentally switching lanes or crossing the lap counter in error.

10. There will be no Track! calls for lost tires in stock class.

11. "Track!" will be called for any car that goes completely off the table.

12. Each racer will be permitted one Track! call per race for a mechanical failure (car unable to continue, controller not working) and will be given two minutes to rectify the problem.

13.  Turn marshals will do their best to replace cars to the track in the least amount of time.

14.  Turn marshals are urged to attempt to replace the "first off" car "first on".

15. A false start will be declared if one or more cars fail to start. Cars will be returned to the starting line and the race will be started again.

16. Only one false start will be declared per car per rotation and cars may be “push started” from the starting line.

17. A backup car may be used but only in the case of mechanical failure of the 1st car.

18. A body class will be designated for stock class T-jet, AFX, G-Jet and oval races.  Any car without the designated body class will not pass pre-race technical inspection and will be disqualified.  The driver will have an opportunity to change to the correct body class for the event.



1.  Any controller is permitted (see #2 for exceptions).

2. Electronic or digital controllers that store power after track power is turned off are not permitted.


Note: Cut Wheel Wells

Generally, the rule for all classes stipulates that front and rear wheel wells may be cut only enough to accommodate oversized tires. In the event that the space between the tire and wheel well exceeds 1/8", the discretion of the tech committee will come into play as to whether or not the car will pass pre-race tech inspection.

Therefore, bodies with cut wheel wells will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Bodies with large cut wheel openings will not be permitted.  Anyone that wishes to use a car with altered wheel wells can petition for use of the body.  A group of three members will vote yes or no – and the provision to allow this specific body will then be documented.


Note: IROC Cars

A payment of $10 from the club funds will be allocated to club members providing IROC race cars for a specific race, for preparation and maintenance of the cars.


Revised 3/12/2014