AFX Magna-Traction

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The following document outlines the AFX Magna-Traction rules for club racing in the Western Pennsylvania Slot Car Club.

The rules are written with the intent of providing a precise specification that will define each car’s construction. It is fully expected, and in fact intended, that the racers will adhere to these rules as they design and build their cars. Any breach of these boundaries will result in the disqualification of the car.


1. Body must completely cover the chassis when viewed from above except for legal stock openings (i.e. windows and vents)

2. Bodies must be of the hard shell variety. (No vacuum formed bodies)

3. Bodies must be complete with windows, bumpers, drivers or roll bars as originally manufactured.

4. Bodies must be originally manufactured specifically for mounting to an AFX Magna-Traction. The only exception thus far will be the Tyco pro body conversions.

5. Bodies must be from a production run of 100 or more pieces.

6. Side windows may be removed.

7. Body classes: Can-Am/Le Mans, Trans Am, NASCAR


1. Chassis must be stock AFX Magna-Traction.

2. Bearings and bushings are not permitted

3. Weights and handling pans are not permitted.

4. Chassis cannot be cut, sanded or drilled in any way.

5. Pick up shoes and springs must be stock Magna-Traction parts. Pick up shoes can be silver ski shoe replacement.

6. Pick up shoes may be bent to allow better surface contact with the rails.

7. Pick up shoes cannot be weighted.

8. Shunt wires, “tiger tails” or other soldering is not permitted.

9. Guide pins must be original design, black plastic or the old steel G-plus guide pin.

10. Gear plate clamp may be bent or dimpled but may not be cut.

11. Car must pass easily thru a 1-5/16 tech block.


1. Magnets must be stock Magna-Traction as originally manufactured.

2. Magnets may be shimmed; however chassis cannot be cut to allow repositioning of magnets.

3. Magnets may not be sanded or cut.

4. Magnets may be matched.


1. Armatures must be stock Magna-Traction.

2. Armatures may not be balanced.

3. Armatures may not be rewound or de-wound.


1. Any.


1. Armature pinion, idler gear and driven gear must be stock Magna-Traction.

2. Gears may be soldered or glued to their respective shafts.

3. Gears may be lapped and polished.

4. Gears may not be drilled or lightened in any form.

5. Gears may not be beveled.


1. Only stock Magna-Traction hubs are allowed.

2. Any stock front Magna-Traction tire is allowed. Front tires may be replaced with O-rings. Rear tires may be replaced with silicones, but must remain standard MT rear tires.

3. Only stock axles are allowed.

4. All four wheels must touch the track.


1. JL X-Traction chassis may be substituted for Magna-Traction chassis. All the same rules apply and parts may be interchanged between the two.

Revised 1/30/2010